Mukhriz is Kedah MB again

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ALOR SETAR — May 11, 2018: Pakatan Harapan has formed the Kedah government after gaining 18 state seats in the recent elections, with Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir becoming mentri besar the second time around.

PAS has 15 seats while Barisan Nasional has three.

Mukhriz said Pakatan was more suited to form the government in line with the Federal government which is now run by the coalition as all administrative measures can be handled more smoothly.

“As I mentioned earlier, the consideration is that the party that we have here is the same party that is ruling Putrajaya. So I think it is in the best interest for Kedah not to have an opposition government,” he told  a press conference.

“I am confident we have sufficient experience to run the state. I am also aware that there are policies which were implemented when I was the previous MB. We will fine-tune these policies, if necessary, we will retain them,” he said.

He said the most important thing was to fulfill the pledges made in the state Pakatan manifesto after the state exco members have been appointed. — Bernama




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