Muhyiddin’s logic on DAP’s Malay PM promise questioned

KUALA LUMPUR – Dec 6, 2016: An Umno member of parliament has questioned a claim by Pribumi Bersatu president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that the government will still be led by a Malay should Pakatan Harapan win the next general election.

Instead, Sekijang MP Anuar Abd. Manap is certain that the DAP, a member of Pakatan, would prevent a Malay from becoming the next prime minister.

Muhyiddin, in his statement on Sunday, claimed that this decision on having a Malay as PM has been agreed upon by the opposition pact.

He was responding to the speech by Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the party’s general assembly last week that Malay rights and privileges would be gone should a DAP-led opposition comes to power.

“At my meetings with them, DAP leaders agree that the PM must be a Malay. There is no reason for Malays to fear being on the losing end if Umno is defeated,” Muhyiddin stated.

Anuar disagreed with this, adding that Muhyiddin had resorted to this as a reassurance to himself and his new allies that the DAP would eventually give in.

"DAP will leverage its bigger number and will prevent Malays from becoming prime minister," Anuar said.

“If oppositions win, DAP will leverage its bigger number and will prevent Malays from becoming prime minister,” Anuar said.

“Muhyiddin and friends should have realised that DAP dominates the majority of parliament seats among Pakatan allies. If the oppositions manage to win in the election, DAP will leverage its bigger number and will prevent Malays from becoming the prime minister.

Writing on the same issue, blogger John F. Seademon is of the view that Muhyiddin is desperate to remain relevant in politics.

The blogger notes that one of DAP’s principles is to establish a democratic socialist society, which suggests society will share its gains with everyone.

“This could lead to the elimination of Bumiputra rights,” argues the blogger.

Anonymous political commentator Lim Sian See agrees, adding that Muhyiddin must not fall for the DAP’s empty promises.

“Even a signed agreement between Lim Guan Eng (DAP secretary-general) and Datuk Seri Hadi Awang (PAS president) prior to 13th general election can be broken. So what is the use of another promise?”



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