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MRCB sues LRT3 critic over tweets

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR — October 8, 2019: A twitter user has been sued by Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB) after he claimed that its Light Rail Transit Line 3 (LRT3) project is not economically and financially viable.

Among the tweets by Khalid Karim, which MRCB deemed to be libelous were those that described the cost of the project as “silly”.

“The average speed of Bus 750 is 31km/hour (a low traffic period ie when no traffic jam) Best average speed of LRT3 is 35km/hour. Paying RM16 billion for 4km/hour faster average ride is silly.

“And mark my words, the Kelana Jaya line will not have enough capacity to handle passengers from LRT3. LRT3 is really silly,” read one of Khalid contentious tweets.

The LRT3 project was announced in 2015 and according to Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, its pre-revision cost of RM31.45 billion was heavily ballooned by its project operator, Prasarana Berhad’s “poor management.”

Khalid had made the suit public on Oct 4, when he tweeted excerpts of the court document filed against him by MRCB.

A picture of MRCB's suit against Khalid.

Excerpts of MRCB’s suit against Khalid.

When contacted, a MRCB spokesperson declined to comment on the case. Attempts to get further details of the suit from Khalid were also unsuccessful.

Khalid had garnered support from many Twitter users, with some arguing that MRCB had gone overboard by suing him.

“This is pure bull***t! MRCB should have countered your (Khalid’s) claim if they think otherwise, not drag people to court. Seems like an intimidation act by a big corporation to silence critics,” tweeted Academy 315.

“I’m sorry for you (Khalid). Can’t think of any reason why economic and financial viability issue can bring anybody to court. Too bad for Malaysia Baru. It appeared nothing much has changed,” tweeted Abdul Bahari Othman.

There were also those who remarked that they were willing to help Khalid with his legal expenses.

“This is great news! The fight to get full disclosure was blocked and filtered by ‘people with interest’. Make sure you get the court to order them to provide you with all expenses, projection and current/future/. I’m all in to support you legal fees,” wrote LUCQ.

“Would willingly contribute to your legal defense fund. Let us know which account to send money to. May the truth see the light of day,” wrote Twitter user Sensate.

The case had also caught the attention of Pribumi Bersatu supreme council member Dr Rais Hussin whom, in a tweet, asked if he could meet Khalid to discuss about the suit.



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