Most Malaysians don’t want ‘Red vs Yellow’ rallies

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Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – Oct 5, 2016: The majority of Malaysians are making it obvious in cyberspace that they are not in favour of any street protest.

They are making their voice heard over the matter in anticipation of the planned Bersih 5.0 and its counter-rally by the so-called “Red shirts” movement, next month.

Many of them are of the opinion that “two wrongs do not make things right”.

“For every action there will always be an equal reaction,” wrote Facebooker Iby Yahaya, “In this case the red shirts are the reactionary force. I do not condone their acts but I guess some of us have had enough of Bersih’s antics.”

The yellow-shirted protestors of Bersih and their rivals in red have ramped up their rhetoric since last week including getting involved in scuffles.

The organiser of Bersih 5.0, the Coalition for Fair and Free Elections plans the rally here on Nov 19.

One of its leaders Hishamuddin Rais had insisted that they were merely exercising their rights of free speech while accusing the red shirt rivals as being the unruly ones.

The response in the cyberspace seemed to suggest otherwise as the majority think that both movements are being equally uncouth.

“It does not matter whether it’s red or yellow, both are made up by a bunch of morons who are incapable of thinking straight,” wrote Mohd Safrizal.

“Why must some of us choose to bicker on the street? Political views aside, why can’t we all just get along,” he added.

Another Facebooker, Syarif Mahat, insisted that street protests are not democratic means to either topple or defend the government.

“I do not like Malaysians resorting to such anarchic behaviour. The only way for you to protect or topple the government is to do it through the ballot box,” he wrote.

“Street protest is a colossal waste of time for everyone and it even makes the entire country looks stupid in the eyes of the world because protestors will inevitably provoke one another,” wrote Esther Debbie Godomon.

Apparently, Esther is not the only one who is insisting  that the planned street protest will likely turn unruly.

There were many who deemed that the probable ‘Red versus Yellow’ confrontation will eventually escalate into a racial riot.

One of them was Daniel Goh who implored the red shirt protestors to look at the big picture and let the police handle any transgressions of the law by the rival Bersih protesters instead of “fighting fire with fire.”

“If anything untoward happens, nobody wins, everybody loses and the government ultimately would have to be responsible for it.

“Let’s show those uncivilized monkeys the correct way to exercise our citizens’ rights,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.



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