More youngsters doing drugs due to easy access 

Illegal drugs

KUALA LUMPUR – April 19, 2017: The increasing number of students using drugs may likely be due to the easy access to synthetic illegal substances.

According tp Solace Sabah Addiction Retreat clinical director Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam, that there are cases where addicts obtain synthetic drugs by placing orders through simple text messages and social networking sites, a method already known to enforcement agencies.

Dr. Shanmugam, who had worked in the field of addiction and psychology for over 10 years, further affirmed statements by the authorities that drugs like methamphetamine are becoming more common and increasingly cheaper.

These drugs can even be manufactured at home.

Dr. Shanmugam was commenting on the current figure of secondary school drug abusers revealed by the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) yesterday.

According to the agency, 825 students were tested positive for drugs following its nationwide screening in schools from last January to March, which involved 29,583 students.

The agency said the figures indicated a raising trend compared to last year. However, the agency is not yet ready to release the statistics for 2016.

Dr. Shanmugam suggested that those responsible for stopping the rising tide of drug abuse among school students to organise more psychological and education talks to create awareness.

“Youths’ mind are a bit more complex as biologically, they are curious and are easily influenced. We need to create an environment reflecting the sentiment that it is not cool to do drugs.”

He also recommended for the authorities to impose stricter screening on Internet users who key in words such as online drugs at the search engine, as a start to eradicate the selling of illegal substances online.

Solace Sabah provides scientific and clinical driven treatments to help cure drug, alcohol, gambling and sex addiction.

Its headquarters is in Kota Kinabalu while there is a clinic in Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

In addition, the 1Malaysia Cure and Care (C&C) Clinic in Karangan, Kedah, is providing medical and psychological treatment specifically for school students involved in drug abuse. An official of the Cure and Care programme said special sessions for patients aged 20 and below are available.

Patients are treated on a voluntary basis for free. Those who come voluntarily will not be detained or prosecuted.



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