More objections to Rimba Kiara project in social media

KUALA LUMPUR – Sept 5, 2016: For many residents of Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), efforts to keep a 13-acre plot near the Rimba Kiara Park free of development will continue despite the odds.

Thus they continue with their fight in cyberspace against the plan to build nine blocks of 52-story service apartments outside the front entrance of the park.

Residents first knew of the plan in June, when notices were put up there by KL City Hall, and subsequently organised a protest there the same month and again last month.

At Facebook Avis Tan chided thus: “This is sheer nonsense. We better say no to this (project). We, our kids, and future grandkids will suffer if this green lung is removed from TTDI.”

Yasser Affendy had this opinion: “The plot is a critical area, which has been a public space for so many years. It shouldn’t be touched for any development, not to mention high-rise development.”

Bharathi Vengadasalam commented: “There will be no green lungs left for us, unless there is collective protest and action.

“This is Rimba Kiara Park, and a proposed high-rise development will destroy the recreational areas for biking, walking and trekking. The rate of development everywhere is sickening. Let’s stand up against it, please.”

May FS Kabindong noted: “Please don’t let this (development) happen. If you are like me, and believe we don’t need to cut more trees to make space for human because we have taken more than we need, please fight against it.

“At least in this park, we can co-exist with nature. Once the development is approved everything will be destroyed.”

E-Wen Hooi wrote: “’Sayangi Kuala Lumpur’ (Love Kuala Lumpur), they say. And yet, signs of demolition are erected at the city’s very own green lung.

“Rimba Kiara Park has been serving the people for years as a sanctuary where all walks of life come to jog, jungle trek, cycle, and enjoy other recreational activities. The recent announcement of development near the park will jeopardise all that.”




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