More China nationals rounded up for online scams

Some of those picked up in Puchong.

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KUALA LUMPUR – Jan. 1, 2020: The Immigration Department early today rounded up 87 China nationals in Puchong believed to be involved in an online scam offering investments, forex and crypto-currency services.

The 79 men and eight women were detained after raids on 14 residential and office units within the same property.

Scripts and training manuals used to lure victims were found.

According to Immigration Director-General Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud, six desktop computers, 33 laptops and 203 mobile phones were seized.

In another raid a day earlier at some units at Empire City in Damansara Perdana by the Petaling Jaya police commercial crimes investigation unit, 23 China nationals were arrested also believed to be involved in yet another online scam.

The suspects failed to provide identification documents.



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