MB blames Ahmad Said for turmoil in Terengganu

Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Sei Ahmad Razif (left) and his predecessor Datuk Seri Ahmad Said.

Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Sei Ahmad Razif (left) and his predecessor Datuk Seri Ahmad Said.

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KUALA TERENGGANU, Aug 4 2016 : Terengganu Menteri Besar (MB) Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said his predecessor Datuk Seri Ahmad Said is the main cause of the political turmoil in the state.

Ahmad Razif pointed out that under Ahmad Said’s leadership, Barisan Nasional lost seven of the 24 seats it inherited from the administration of Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.

“This has become the mother of all problems and instability in Terengganu,” he said in a statement.

With having only 17 of the 32 seats in the State Assembly now, Ahmad Razif said: “The Terengganu BN government is always seen to be unstable, and low on confidence.

“When we’re not strong, we will be exposed to various threats from within and outside.”

Ahmad Razif said the people needed to know the facts, and concluded that the BN government in Terengganu was struggling to shoulder the burden left behind by Ahmad Said.

Despite his failure, the former chief minister was seen as trying to present himself as the saviour, said Ahmad Razif.

“Now all of a sudden, he pretentiously claims he is being the ‘saviour’. By right, the former MB should help me stabilise Umno and prepare for the 14th General Election.

“I, as the MB and State Umno Liaison Committee chairman have been called up to explain the details of what has happened and is happening now. On the politics in the state of Terengganu since I was made the chief.

“I have been watching closely all the rumours, incidents and tragedies that have occurred and are happening throughout my administration with humility,” he said.

On Tuesday, Ajil assemblyman Ghazali Taib criticised the state’s leadership and told the media that Umno’s top leadership must take immediate action to resolve what he considered as a ‘crisis’ in the state administration.

Ahmad Razif reminded members or party leaders who were not happy with his leadership to use the proper channels, and avoid dragging the public into the chaos on the basis of assumptions and personal dissatisfaction.

“Let us together clear up the political situation in Terengganu and work harder to get a good victory in the GE14 (14th General Election) and avoid what happened in GE13, as well as focus on the country’s development and the people’s current problems.

“I also believe Terengganu UMNO is currently stable and under control even if there are stories which claim otherwise. Believe me as I say, it is up to Qada and Qadar (fate and destiny) after we have done our best,” he said.

Ahmad Razif also stated that it was Ahamd Said himself who had tendered his resignation when stepping down as menteri besar in 2014. – Bernama



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