Many were angered but others think Muhyiddin had it coming

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – July 28, 2015: The cyberspace was clogged with apparent dissatisfaction over the latest Cabinet reshuffle that was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday.

Najib, through a live telecast, had said that the new line-up of his administration was to enhance the collective responsibility of the Cabinet.

“The Cabinet must act as one solid team. I welcome vigorous debate, and can accept dissent and criticism. However, this process should take place in Cabinet as part of the decision-making process.

“Members of the Cabinet should not air their differences in an open forum that can affect public opinion against the government and Malaysia.

“It is contrary to the concept of collective responsibility that is the foundation of Cabinet government,” Najib said.

However, netizens appears to hold differing views regarding the reshuffle with many openly criticising Najib’s action, especially in regards to the removal of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as deputy prime minister.

A commenter in the comment section of the cabinet reshuffle news, Dalvik said: “I say, man, collective responsibility? Who masterminded all the 1MDB mess and who allowed the RM42 billions of debt to happen?

“Enough already don’t drag others, especially rakyat (the people), the taxpayers, into this “Collective responsibility”. It has always been “Individual responsibility”!

Voyager: “Malaysia economy will continue nose diving and Malaysia heading to failed state direction.

“The strongest critics of 1mdb from inside Umno had been shot down. Now, there should not be any more betrayals within Umno.

“Like what happened to Pas, Muhyiddin and his genuine supporters can form another party or join GHB. The timing is never better.

“If Muhyiddin failed to take a positive action like Mat Sabu, then he just proved that he is just another coward and do not deserve any sympathy from Malaysians.”

Aruna .P: “What collective responsibility is Najib talking. Najib should have stepped down so as to clear his name in the 1MDB scandal.

“My prediction is that Najib will not go far with his ill-conceived reshuffle.”

However, despite such animosity aimed towards Najib, there were those who feel that  Muhyiddin had it (his removal from the Cabinet) coming due to his “attempted insubordination against Najib.”

Facebook user Aaron Mark Hendrix: “Absolutely spot on. If you had an employee like him would you just sit there and f@#$%^* watch him run his mouth about you, or, would you have taken action?

“Stop bitching about Najib’s move, he did what anyone would have done when faced with insubordination.”

Lim Sian See: “Before Tun M said anything about 1MDB or used it as a tool to attack Najib in March of this year, Muhyiddin also never said anything about 1MDB – not in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013 – not even in the PAU (Umno General Assembly).

“It’s not as if Muhyiddin never attended the cabinet meetings, could not call on the 1MDB if he needed information or attended the many briefings on 1MDB.

“It seems really clear that Muhyiddin was sacked not for questioning 1MDB but for insubordination and not following the collective cabinet and UMNO supreme council plan on how to tackle and solve the 1MDB issue.”

Gim Bara: “Its a good and needed move. A leader need to remove “cancer cells” before it spreads within its ranks.

“A 2nd in command should never degrades its leader publicly, it will backfire.

“A 2nd in command should never announce publicly that he doesn’t know which is the truth, it shows that you are ignorant.

“However, I’m not so confident with the new tpm (newly minted Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi).”

Ajoy Yusof: “Just give one speech and now he become hero rakyat (people’s champion)…lol.

“After so many issue where is he gone? Don’t dare to backup government on GST, oil price, 1mdb etc although all information has been given to him during cabinet meeting and parliament.”

Apis Ramli: “The issue is, why the hell can’t he wait for 1MDB investigation to be concluded first? If TGHH (Pas President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang) n Harun Din (Pas Spiritual Leader) can wait, why can’t he?”

Najib’s action was also lauded by Umno blogger Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, through his latest posting.

The blogger who is also one of the advisor of the Ministry of Communication and Mutimedia’s Special Affairs Department (JASA), described the newly announced Cabinet reshuffle as a “courageous actions to bring house back into order.”

“Congratulations Prime Minister for listening to the people’s voice in replacing incompetent ministers while at the same effectively placing the present competent ministers in new portfolios that needed their expertise.

“I hope that those in the new Cabinet line-up would effectively cooperate in performing their duties to the people.

“They only have around two years to regain the people’s trust to ensure that the present government will be re-elected in the 14th General Election,” Tun Faisal wrote.

Nonetheless, during the announcement of the new Cabinet line-up, Najib reportedly admitted that the removal of Muhyiddin was a “difficult decision” but was needed to be done after taking into account several political considerations.

“The decision to replace Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was very difficult, but leadership is about doing what you think is right. To deliver for Malaysia, I must have a solid and unified team moving in the same direction.

“Nevertheless, I thank Muhyiddin for all his work and dedication to the government and country, as I do all those ministers who are no longer in the Cabinet,” he said.

Zahid who replaced Muhyiddin also retains his portfolio as the Home Minister.

Najib was quoted as saying that Zahid’s appointment as his new deputy was made in tandem with political considerations and the interests of the administration




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