Many support Nibong Tebal’s ‘mad’ lorry driver


KUALA LUMPUR – February 22, 2016: Scores of netizens have apparently lauded a dangerous act of an angry lorry driver, who rammed his way through a street in Nibong Tebal, damaging 18 vehicles.

The lorry driver, who had found his path blocked had resorted to ramming the indiscriminately parked cars along the road, where his lorry was also believed to have been parked.

Initial report indicated that no one was injured in the incident, which happened about 9am, yesterday.

The Mole found that many were actually “in awe” of the lorry driver and deemed his action as a “highly appropriate punishment” for irresponsible motorists who parked their vehicle indiscriminately.

Catherine Loh commented, “While his action was extreme, other road users deserve it as they parked their cars and hog the access road without batting an eyelid”.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen. Let this be a painful experience to these inconsiderate people,” Catherine added.

“You see, when we are driving on the road, sometimes we do feel like scratching the arrogant and selfish drivers with a truck.

“Someone had actually done it now! Kudos to you lorry driver, may god bless you!” Facebooker Intiran Harikrishnan wrote.

“I fully support the lorry driver for taking such drastic action to drive out the cars around. Too often we encounter such selfish drivers who only think of themselves,” Tony Chen wrote.

Adrian Paul commented, “Those inconsiderate car owners deserve it!”

“Although I don’t condone such aggressive behaviour, lots of Malaysians are so selfish. They park indiscriminately and expect others to put up with their selfish behaviour.

“Sometimes I wished I was driving a lorry myself. I wouldn’t mind doing exactly what this guy did,” Adrian wrote.

Another Facebook user Nadiah Manan responded by saying “Some selfish drivers park without thinking whether they will cause harm or nuisance to other people.

“So, this is a good lesson to all of us, because we don’t know who will be mad and take the same action in future”.

“I always think that the first unwritten rule of parking in Malaysia is you must park to your convenience, no need to care about others. Be inconsiderate because everyone else is.

“The action of this lorry driver had finally proves that there is a reward for parking inconsiderately,” Aldy Lee commented.

Additionally, a Penangite, Evelyn Sudha praised the lorry driver and said, “The lorry driver has fulfilled what I have wanted to do for a long time. I wish he would come to Raja Uda, Butterworth to do the same”.

Meanwhile, there were also those who disapproved the lorry driver’s action.

“Be patient everyone. This is a problem involving sick and irresponsible drivers or market-goers who had parked their vehicles recklessly.

“But I strongly believe the lorry driver is also at wrong. Thank goodness there is no injury reported. Can you imagine what would happened if anybody was trapped in one of those damaged cars?

“Generally, every irresponsible road user must be punished for what they have done,” Muhammad Hatta Dzulkefli chided.

“The market-goers were wrong to have parked their cars there and blocked the way, but it doesn’t mean that the lorry driver should resort to such move.

“He is still at fault anyway, he must be responsible for all the damages he made,” Mohd Falcon wrote.



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