Many defend AirAsia over allegation of abandoned luggage

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – July 9, 2019: What was initially thought to be an AirAsia flight negligently leaving behind a passenger’s baggage later turned out to be a safety measure taken by the budget airline.

Ever since the Facebook page ‘Tau takpe~’ uploaded a picture of what appeared to be an abandoned bag in front of an AirAsia plane, many had leaped to its defense saying that it was an appropriate move to ensure the safety of  passengers.

It was pointed out that the measure is sanctioned by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) .

Twitter user Aniq Josper explained why sometimes airlines would isolate a baggage and put it in front of a plane.

“For your information, it’s ICAO annex 17 procedure. If the owner doesn’t show up at departure time, but checked in his/her bag, the bag must be offloaded to avoid any unwanted incident.

“The flight captain must visually verify that the bag has been offloaded, hence why the bag is put in front of the plane,” wrote Aniq who claims that he is also from the aviation industry.

Facebook user Nik Hazman Azizy echoed Aniq’s contention and regretted how some people decided to “blindly accuse” AirAsia of being negligent.

“Do ask Mr Google next time before making accusations,” wrote Nik Hazman.

Pilot Johan Farid Khairuddin who flies Airbus A320 acknowledged that the measure taken as recorded in the picture was the right thing to do, adding that there is no room for deviation when it comes to the annex 17 safety procedure.

“We MUST visually see the bag. No Ifs/ and/ or buts,” wrote Farid through his Twitter account. 

Thirunavukkarasu Karasu, a University of Science civil engineering PHD holder also expressed his disappointment in the Facebook page for alluding that AirAsia was being negligent.

“It’s fine if a passenger were to ask, what’s odd is when a Facebook page decided to share without doing its homework first,” he wrote.



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