Malaysians shocked by discovery of mass graves and demand better border security

KUALA LUMPUR – May 25, 2015: Malaysians have reacted with horror following the discovery of mass graves of illegal immigrants  in Wang Kelian, Perlis.

Many took to the social media to expressed their apprehension that such a discovery happened within the country’s border and their feeling of insecurities that human traffickers could ply their inhumane trade with such apparent impunity.

Reports of grisly discoveries over the past few days that mass graves were found at an abandoned human trafficking camps in Padang Besar was indeed shocking. The camps were believed to have been operated by smuggling rackets from Thailand.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had confirmed yesterday that the graves, believed to be those of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis illegal immigrants, could have existed up to five years.

Some shocked netizens had even questioned the authorities on why such a horrifying discoveries were only now unearthed.

Facebook user Siti Syaira commented: “Oh My God! A large-scale of massacre happened in our country, and nobody knows it happens!”

Facebook user Amran Hidani commented: “Is the IGP sleeping on the job when they know nothing….where is your team of intelligence, sleeping too?”

However, Facebook user Chairil Anwar Esa was apparently unfazed by the news as he knew that Malaysia has always been a major target of human traffickers.

Several prominent bloggers had also joined in the calls for relevant authorities to be more vigilant  to prevent reoccurrence of such tragedy.

Heart2heart3 commented on a local news portal that reported the news: “It won’t happen if we have proper intelligence and surveillance…will the IGP explain as to why PDRM has failed in their intelligence…the IGP should hit the ground instead of laying down working with his twitter.”

Prominent blogger Jailani Harun who blogged at JUST READ! holds the opinion that the discovery of the mass graves proves that the country’s border security has been less than satisfactory.

“We need to have a second look at our border surveillance, especially in finding the culprits who ‘open up’ our territory to them.

“We need cooperation from all sectors of the community. However, sad to note that the Opposition and its NGOs didn’t care much about national security matters by criticising the government over the manner in which we attended to the woes of refugees and illegal immigrants,” the blogger wrote.

Though Malaysians generally appears to be more accepting of the Rohingya refugees after the discovery of the mass graves, prominent blogger Helen Ang, remains steadfast of her stand that the government should not allow the refugees to stay in Malaysia.

In her blog posting, ‘Mass graves in Perlis found of the Rohingya’, Ang viewed that if they are allowed to stay, there is a possibility that the Rohingya refugees will continue their ethnic feud with the rest of the Myanmar migrants in Malaysia.

“Almost a score of Buddhist Myanmar nationals have been murdered in Penang.

“The suspected killers charged in court are Muslim Myanmar nationals. They’re importing the blood feud and religious war from their homeland into Malaysia,” Ang wrote in her blog.



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