Malaysians laud Petronas’ heart-warming ‘Renai’ webfilm


KUALA LUMPUR – May 27, 2016: Petronas has once again unveiled a heart-warming webfilm for this year’s Kaamatan and Gawai festivals entitled ‘Renai’.

Renai’, which is set against the picturesque background of Sabah and Sarawak, carries the theme that “everything good that comes our way doesn’t always come easy”.

It conveys the story of a little girl named Renai, who lives with her mother in Sarawak and has always felt neglected as her mother works untiringly, while her father is away in Sabah working as a porter, climbing up Mount Kinabalu.

This heart-warming story, as told from Renai’s viewpoint, shows the value of appreciating the sacrifices made by her parents to  provide her a better future.

Its director, Kuching-born Philip Rom had reportedly said that the webfilm touches on the value of gratitude and hope surrounding the spirit of the harvest festival, as it celebrates the fruits of hard labour and determination invested each year into delivering a bountiful harvest.

Petronas senior general manager of group strategic communications Zahariah Abdul Rahmad had reportedly said, the company has always been committed in bringing Malaysians together through its festive campaigns.

She added, Petronas hopes to not only capture the rich and unique essence of the harvest festivals in ‪Sabah and ‪Sarawak, but to also put across what the festivals mean to all Malaysians.

The festive campaign has been shared on Facebook over 2, 500 times since its launch on Wednesday.

Those who had watched the webfilm praised Petronas for presenting  ‘Renai’, which they deemed as rich with moral lessons.

Jude Benjamin Lisa, a Lun Bawang Sarawakian from Lawas wrote, “Thank you for thinking of East Malaysia.

“The storyline is very relevant and close to our hearts. I just can’t wait to go back and celebrate the occasion with family, relatives, and friends real soon!”

Tina Benya, another Sarawakian who is currently in Australia wrote, “Missing my family in Sarawak, always! I have been missing Gawai for six years now. I can’t wait to finish my study. This video is so moving.”

“It’s truly a moving video,” Kimberly Thompson commented, “I’m in England now, and I really miss celebrating Gawai, especially with my family at my village.”

Medan Abdullah, who is from Miri, Sarawak wrote, “Capturing the spirit behind the two festivals and translating its relevance to all Malaysian in the form of storytelling is a good angle.

“It emphasises the cohesiveness inherent in all of the human family and positive essence that dwells within all of us.

“You are continuing to expound on the “Petronas; reimagining energy” theme. Congratulations to Petronas,” he added.

A Sabahan, Ann Monica Pius commented, “This is really a touching campaign, but it’s a good one!”

Abdul Razak Yassin wrote, “This surely is one of the best short films I have ever watched. Thank you Petronas!”

Viewers can watch the webfilm on Petronas Kaamatan and Gawai 2016.  A 60-second television commercial version of the webfilm will be aired from May 29 onwards.



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