Malaysians express solicitude to Londoners following attack 

Pray For London - London Bridge Attack

KUALA LUMPUR – June 8, 2017: Malaysians have taken to social media to voice messages of compassion to those in London following the terror attack last Saturday.

Netizens posted messages calling for the victims to remain calm, while reminding Malaysians in the city to stay safe and vigilant. 

The took place near the London Bridge and then in the Borough Market area with its many bars and restaurants.

The incident left eight victims dead and 48 injured.

The incident occurred less than a fortnight after an explosion at the Manchester Arena on May 22 just after an Ariana Grande concert and less than three months after a terror attack near Westminster, London, on March 22.

The attacks have sent shivers down the local public’s spine, as many have posted messages on cyberspace, carrying trending hashtag of #prayforLondon.

Messages with trending hashtags #PrayForLondon are flooding the cyberspace.

Messages with trending hashtag #PrayForLondon are flooding the cyberspace.

Selangor princess Tengku Datin Paduka Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah was one of those who voiced her concern at her Instagram account

“Please stay safe and be vigilant folks. To my friends in London, I hope you’re safe and well. Take care #prayforLondon,” the princess wrote. 

There were also messages from Malaysians who used to work and live in London.

Blogger Zakhir Mohamed of Big Dog expresses solicitude to the people in the city through Instagram.

“Standing at any point on the north end facing south on the London Bridge is about looking into the sun. Sun rays always bring warmth and smiles, even in odd opportunities of the longest winter. However, this (attack) is about shock and dreadful grief and pain,” wrote the blogger, who has fond memories of studying commerce in the city.

Facebooker Bintu Rahim is on the same page.

“Me and my family visited London for a holiday in 2004. I miss the moment so much. My prayers are with London #prayforlondon #prayforhumanity.” 

Meanwhile, the Islamic State jihadist group has claimed responsibility for the three attacks, leaving many to put the blame on Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Zeti Akhtar says she could imagine the hurtful comments fellow Londoners are giving to Muslims there.

MO MacLaird thinks that the incident has again painted a negative image to Islam, although Muslims have never condone the “punitive” action.

Ken Lee agrees, adding that the attackers and IS are doing injustice to Islam.

The meme is shared by many across the globe, stating that the London bridge attack has nothing to do with Islam.

The meme is shared by many across the globe, stating that the London bridge attack has nothing to do with Islam.

Malaysian columnist Farouk A. Peru, who is based in London, regards those attackers as bogus Muslims.

“A Facebook friend said something pertinent last night. She said that the terrorists must not be very good Muslims, if they are at all, as they were not observing the rites and rituals of Ramadan (fasting month).

“While traditional Muslims were breaking their fasts, praying and reading the Quran, these people were plotting to kill total strangers. I concur.”

Netizens continue to re-post a meme supporting Muslims that reads: “True Muslims were at home eating and praying after a 16 hour fast during the holy month of Ramadan. “



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