Malaysians debate with foreigners over student’s death

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – April 27, 2017: Some Malaysians were involved in a heated debate with foreigners at the comment section of the Daily Mail’s report over the death of tahfiz student Mohamad Taqif Amin Mohd. Gadafi.

The Malaysians were peeved with the foreigners for using Taqif’s death as an opportunity to ridicule Islam and Malaysia.

The 11-year-old boy, whose legs were amputated last week due to bacterial infection after being caned with a water hose, died yesterday.

The foreigners had also used the tragedy to accuse Muslims in Malaysia as becoming more radicalised.

“The country is sinking into radicalism? Please, I’m a Malaysian and I still can’t figure out in which aspects has Malaysia become more radicalised. Stop being so shallow and judgmental,” was the acrid response from Facebooker Noor Amira.

“You cannot just blame the entire religion for the stupidity of one man. In America, there were plenty of school shooting cases but did the majority in the Western society blamed Christianity for it?” wrote Icha Sahaja.

Admitting that the case was tragic and regrettable, Hana Aziz nonetheless argued that the incident was an isolated case and that there were many other good religious schools in Malaysia.

“The problem in this case is the staff, the entire religious school system has got nothing to do with it. Also, there are plenty of other Islamic schools in Malaysia that employ excellent staffs” she wrote.

Louis Leong Jing wrote that the foreigners were wrong when they accused Islam and the entire religious school system of being bad.

“I live in Malaysia and I’m pretty sure that this case has got nothing to do with one’s religion. It’s about the ugliness of one’s heart and the sick fact that someone holds no sympathy towards others,” he reasoned.



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