Malaysians cheer the new Agong


KUALA LUMPUR – Oct 14, 2016: Malaysians have expressed their joy over today’s election of Sultan Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V as the 15th king of the country.

Many congratulated the ruler in cyberspace and also share their hopes and expectations following the election by the (special) 243rd Conference of Rulers.

The appointment of Sultan Muhammad, 47, is effective this December 13 for the usual five-year term.

He takes over from Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah of Kedah, the first of the nine Malay rulers to become Agong twice.

Elvis Boon Kian Chan from Kuala Lumpur was amongst those who congratulated Sultan Muhammad. “Congratulation by the Grace of God DYMM Sultan Kelantan for the appointment as the new king!”

Noor Liyana Abd Hadi from Selangor congratulated the sultan and to all Kelantanese.

Hetish Sharma from Petaling Jaya has this hope: “We pray with your advice the country will march on. I also hope there’ll be improvements in Kelantan very soon. ‘Daulat Tuanku’ (Long live the King).”

Penangite Fazilah Fadzil commented that the sultan is such a humble and nice ruler. “Hope there’s something new soon for all of us.”

Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra was proclaimed as the Sultan of Kelantan in 2010.

He is lovingly known by Kelantanese as a ruler who prefers to wear a ‘jubah’ (robe) or baju Melayu when visiting his subjects.



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