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Malaysians are world’s largest WhatsApp users

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KUALA LUMPUR — Sept. 12, 2017: The Digital News Report 2017 has found that Malaysians are the world’s largest users of WhatsApp at 51 per cent.

The report also found that Facebook and YouTube are also popular with Malaysians, with 58 per cent and 26 per cent users respectively, followed by WeChat and Instagram, with 13 per cent each.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Salleh Said Keruak said the report also mentioned Malaysians as getting 86 per cent of their news feed from social media, 54 per cent from television, 45 per cent from publications and 15 per cent from radio.

Smartphones are used as the main device, at 65 per cent, computers (45 per cent) and tablets (18 per cent), he said in his latest posting at today.

A study by another organisation, TNS Global, similarly found Malaysians as being the largest group of WhatsApp users at 77 per cent and Facebook Messenger at 41 per cent.

Salleh attributed the findings to Malaysia’s good Internet facilities and penetration.

He said WhatsApp also helped the ordinary businessman to promote his (or her) endeavour without spending a lot of money, and widely used as an effective political campaign tool.

“Just imagine a WhatsApp group with 200 members. If someone has 10 WhatsApp groups, in a short time he can share information with 2,000 people,” he said.

However, Salleh noted that WhatsApp does its disadvantages, of which the most glaring is when it is used to disseminate false information. — Bernama



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