1MDB’s Arul Kanda describes Malaysiakini as unethical

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SEREMBAN, April 27 2018 : President and chief executive officer of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) Arul Kanda Kandasamy today alleged that the news portal Malaysiakini was unethical when it reported fake news about him in connection with 1MDB.

He said the 1MDB issue had long been settled and its management was good and under control while its loans were being paid according to the set schedule.

“The news portal published an article about me, which in short was criticising me. I have gone to their office and there were four journalists and I answered all the questions based on facts,” he told reporters during a political talk on current issues held in Ampangan near here.

However, Arul Kanda said, the writer of the article was not present during the question-and-answer session which was held about a fortnight ago.

“I was there for three hours but you (writer of the article) did not turn up, why write an article about me? Do not be a coward. I am very dissatisfied and disappointed with the article and it is unfair to me,” he added.

Arul Kanda also reiterated that Low Taek Jho or Jho Low, has nothing to do with the company.

He said Jho Low had never worked with the company, and the Opposition often played up this issue to raise people’s anger against the government.

“Jho Low was formerly an advisor to Terengganu Investment Authority Bhd (TIA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Terengganu Government, and he resigned from TIA as advisor in May 2009.

“The federal government had taken over TIA in July 2009, and this shows that Jho Low has nothing to do with the government,” he said.

Commenting further, Arul Kanda said Jho Low was known to have a good relationship with the Arabs.

“That’s his advantage. He knows people there. (But) Jho Low has never been a 1MDB employee, and the company has never paid a single sen to him,” he added.

On March 7, police investigations also found no evidence to link Jho Low with the decision-making at 1MDB, as well as transactions done by the company. – Bernama



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