Malaysia has highest diabetes rate in Asia

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KUCHING — July 24, 2018: Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes in Asia and one of the highest in the world, with about 2.5 million adults diagnosed with it. 

The other downside is that about half of them apparently are not aware they have diabetes.

Most of the time Type 2 diabetes does not have any symptom until a person has a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or eyesight problems, said National Diabetes Institute (Nadi) executive chairman Datuk Dr. Mustaffa Embong after a session at the 10th Diabetes Complications Conference and Grand Rounds (DCOM 2018) here today.

It is for this reason that diabetes is called a silent killer.

Eleven diabetologists from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and Asia are presenting their views at the conference attended by about 200 participants. — Bernama



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