Malaysia has 4th highest diabetics in Asia

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KUALA LUMPUR — November 11, 2016: Some 3.5 million Malaysian adults were diagnosed with diabetes in 2015, the fourth highest number in Asia.

What is more disturbing is that the national health mobility survey shows that the number has been constantly multiplying since 2006.

In 2006, when the country’s population was 26.3 million, 1.9 million adults were diagnosed with the disease and by 2011, the number had risen to three million against a population of 28.3 million. The figure increased another
500,000 last year with the population at almost 30 million.

This is a situation that is very worrying, more so with an increasing number  of young patients, which in turn  affects national productivity. Apart from this, the treatment cost is high.

Secretary of Diabetes Malaysia Datuk Rahimah Ahmad has made a call for immediate changes, particularly by parents who can help their children lead a healthier lifestyle.

“We have good food here. I know it is the most difficult thing to change for a healthier one. Besides food, please make it a routine to walk 45 minutes a day,” she said.

In conjunction with World Diabetes Day this Monday, Diabetes Malaysia is organising various programmes, including talks, charity walks, health screening and cooking demonstration for a healthier diet. — Bernama




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