Malaysia Airports and DCA after MAS?

KUALA LUMPUR: A couple of prominent bloggers have taken note of what they say looks like the possibility of a hostile takeover of Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), which they say would be a negative development.


Datuk Ahirudin Attan of Rocky’s Bru wrote on April 24 that the positive potential of the Prime Minister’s attention to concerns of Malaysia Airlines could be soured by a hostile takeover of MAHB, which he said would be related to the “share swap” between MAS and AirAsia.


“Even as Najib works to resolve the MAS issue, another huge political migraine awaits the PM at Malaysia Airports,” Rocky said.


“The same people who planned the AirAsia-MAS share swap want Tan Sri Bashir the Malaysia Airports boss out of the way. His term ends in June and they haven’t told him if he’s staying or going,” he said.


Blogger Apanama also took note of talk that Bashir’s position was at risk.


“Tan Sri Bashir is regarded by some well-connected businessman and his friends in Khazanah as the single biggest stumbling block for their grand plans for the aviation industry,” Apanama wrote on April 23.


“Some say Bashir has been standing in their way, preventing them from hijacking the industry,” he said.


“Bashir’s term as Managing Director would come to an end by June and the Khazanah boys, we understand, are preparing to plant another remnant of the infamous 4th floor outfit in MAHB,” Apanama added.


Both bloggers indicated a takeover would be a step backward for Malaysia Airports, which has achieved a great deal of success under its current leadership.


“What irks me is that all these people are doing is prop up another failed government-linked company CEO crony to take over Malaysia Airports, which is doing fine and making money and just a couple of days ago bagged yet another award,” said Rocky, referring to MAHB’s recent “Exceptional Service to Aviation” award from the PATA Aviation Committee.


He added: “Really, once in a while, these people should try and help Najib Razak a little bit: by not creating problem after problem for the PM to have to resolve.”


Apanama also mentioned the Prime Minister, appealing to him directly to ensure attempts to take control of both Malaysia Airports and the Department of Civil Aviation do not result in the same negative repercussions that came out of the MAS-AirAsia share swap deal.


“Dear Prime Minister, the scandalous Mas-AirAsia share swap and the mysterious CCF has created enough damage politically and I’m quite sure you, Sir, would agree that we could refrain from creating worse discontent and stirring unwanted resentment in DCA and MAHB,” he said. 




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