Malaysia Airlines to add new routes, hire staff by year-end

Bellew: "The number of routes being added the most in a single year in the history of the airline."

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KUALA LUMPUR — May 3, 2017: Malaysia Airlines will add 11 new routes and embark on a hiring spree by year-end amid a boost in demand from international customers.

The Malaysian national carrier is in the midst of a turnaround after suffering two tragedies in 2014 – when Flight
MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing mysteriously disappeared, and Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to here was shot down in eastern Ukraine.

Chief Executive Peter Bellew said today that the number of routes being introduced now was the most in a single year in the airline’s history, and that the company was evaluating at least 26 more routes that could be introduced by next year.

The airline is seeing an increase in customers in Asia, particularly from China, India and Australia, despite a fall in the number of fliers to Europe and the United States.

Malaysia Airlines is looking to hire more staff towards the end of this year and add several wide-body aircraft to its
fleet. However, Bellew did not mention how many jobs would be introduced.

The company was de-listed from the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange in 2014, and had removed around 6,000 jobs, at least a third of its workforce, at the peak of the airline’s crisis in 2015.

“Business is very good at the moment… business on the international front is extremely strong,” he told reporters in
Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capital.

“We need more pilots, more crew, engineers and everything.”

Last month, Bellew told Reuters the airline was looking to lease between six and eight Airbus A330s or Boeing
777s for use from 2018 and another seven to nine aircraft from 2019.

The company aims at a return to profitability by 2018, and a stock market listing again in March the following year.



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