Malay netizens up in arms over Mat Sabu’s “stupid” remark


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – February 19, 2016: There were a lot of Malays who did not take kindly to the remarks of Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) president Mohamad Sabu that they were being ‘bodoh’ (stupid).

Mohamad, better known as ‘Mat Sabu’, had reportedly described the Malays as such, particularly those of the middle-income class, because according to him, Barisan Nasional (BN) won the previous general election due to their support.

“The ones I’m disappointed with the most are those middle-income Malays. They are the hardest to change their votes because they have good salary, good position so they defend their corrupt leaders.

“Why are you (Malays) so afraid of bringing down Umno? Why are you so stupid, stupid, stupid,” said Mat Sabu during a speech at the opposition’s Chinese New Year open house event in Sungai Petani two days ago.

The remarks apparently peeved many Malays in the cyberspace with many taking it to Facebook to express their displeasure.

“This is why I will never vote him and if that is a stupid decision to some, so be it. I’d rather not vote for someone like him as a leader,” wrote Khairul Anwar .

Nazran Abudllah pointed out that Mat Sabu had definitely “crossed the line” with those remarks .

The Facebooker claimed that no sane-minded Malays will vote for Mat Sabu in the next general election.

“From now on, he can only dream of having Malay votes. I hope you (Mat Sabu) really will be a bankrupt soon,” he wrote.

“Desperate people, desperate measures,” wrote Aizley Shahar, “He even call his own race stupid in front of DAP members.”

He added that Mat Sabu was only doing “the stunt” so that he can get DAP to fund his party.

“He wanted to sell his party to potential customers, but he mocks them instead. So, how on earth will people buy his product (Amanah),” wrote Mulyady Mustapha.

“And when people don’t buy it, he blames the people…why can’t you (Mat Sabu) just make an effort to be an intelligent politician,” he wrote.

In fact, several Pas supporters also felt that Mat Sabu was “way out line”.

“I’m a middle-income Malay and also a Pas supporter and I will never support him or PH (Pakatan Harapan),” wrote Loopie San.

“We (Pas supporters) know your agenda Mat Sabu. We also know for a fact that you’re only a puppet, when they order you to jump, you jump.

“We rather let the British rule the country again instead of letting you governing it by proxy,” he wrote.

Irfan Md Nor pointed out that it is impossible to have faith in Mat Sabu anymore after he, along with his cahoots ,“betrayed Pas.”

“When you were in Pas you were willing to attack DAP and now that you’re out and formed your own party, you became best friends with DAP.

“You’re (Mat Sabu) nothing but a spineless chameleon leader that changes your beliefs to pursue power and self-preservation,” he wrote.



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