Mahfodz on the confused Mahfuz

Mahfodz (right) also said that the Pas disciplinary committee will handle Mahfuz’s "antics" accordingly.

KUALA LUMPUR – Jan 19, 2017: A senior PAS leader has described the party’s Pokok Sena member of parliament Datuk Mahfuz Omar as being confused over the party principles, following his criticism of top PAS leaders absent at Pribumi Bersatu’s official launch last weekend.

Syura Council chief Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed told The Mole that Mahfuz was ignoring the leadership’s long established decision, which is to not be present at any event attended by its splinter party Amanah and its former ally DAP.

Mahfuz, who had attended the launch, had criticised his party for not sending an official representative.

PAS vice-president Datuk Iskandar Samad had on Tuesday retorted to Mahfuz, stressing that the party had made such a decision as they do not have any political ties with Amanah and DAP.

In relation to the response, Mahfuz further blasted Iskandar and said that such a rationale could create a huge risk on the political continuity of Selangor PAS, particularly the party’ status in the Selangor government.

Mahfodz affirmed that the decision was made according to the principles of PAS against Amanah and DAP following the demise of Pakatan Rakyat.

He said Mahfuz seemed to disregard the principles and had instead condemned his own party.

“We will be present at any event held by Pribumi (Bersatu) or PKR so long as Amanah and DAP are not present.

“Either you like it or not, the decision was made long before the launch of Pribumi Bersatu. All other members seem to understand and accept the decision, except for Mahfuz. He is confused but dares to rap PAS for it.”

“Mahfuz is a PAS lawmaker but has been choosing sides lately. He did not follow our principles and for that, he is the one who is damaging the party.”

Mahfodz further told The Mole that the party’s disciplinary committee will handle Mahfuz’s case accordingly.



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