Mahathir doesn’t think infighting in Pakatan is affecting coalition

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VIENNA — Jan. 22, 2019: Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said the coalition would not be affected by any infighting and so far has been functioning well as the government.

“Within the parties themselves there maybe some fights for position and so on but that has not affected the coalition. We have four parties and one not in the coalition but in the government (Warisan).

“The four parties are equally strong and we have to reach a consensus whenever we have anything to decide…  there might be differences but we can live with it and up to now we are functioning quite well in the government,” he said at a dialogue here last night with Malaysians residing in Austria and the Slovak Republic. Mahathir was asked if there had been any infighting in the coalition since it was elected the government in May last year.

To another question, Mahathir said nuclear power would not be the source of energy for Malaysia until experts and science found a solution for treating nuclear waste and reverse the process of extracting the radiation so that it would not affect people’s health.

He described waste generated by nuclear power as dangerous and that trying to get rid of it would be a problem.

“Because up to now science has not managed to reverse the process. You can activate the material to function and have radiation (for power but) not a way to reverse it.

“So until then we will not accept nuclear power plants. But when the time comes, when they (science and experts) are able to treat the nuclear waste and it is safe, of course we will reconsider…. but at the moment, no,” he said.

Mahathir also told the audience that at one time Malaysia sold amang or tin tailings to the Japanese who used its radioactive power for colour televisions.

“But now TV is all about LED and the Japanese do not use the material anymore. The material is dangerous and we had long arguments with the Japanese. Eventually we reserved one square mile of land to bury the waste.”

On a question on corruption, Mahathir maintained that at the moment the government is seen to be corruption-free.

Mahathir is on a three-day working visit to Austria. — Bernama



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