Mahathir as PM again? Where are your young leaders, Pakatan?


Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – December 4, 2017: A plan by Pakatan Harapan (PH) to appoint its chairman Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister candidate has raised a poser on whether the opposition coalition is lacking younger talents as leadership material.

Most of those who commented on social media on this were not in favour of the 93-year-old former PM returning to power if PH wins the next general elections.  

“It seems like our society has trust issues with young people, like why do you want to recycle a leader who had ruled the country for 22 years as your interim PM candidate?” wrote Zhihan Gan at Twitter.

“What’s wrong with having a PM aged between 40 and 50? PH has credible leaders around that age pool,” he added.

Another Twitter user, Faris Aiman, also voiced his thoughts by saying “This tells us that Pakatan Harapan doesn’t believe in their own abilities and they also do not trust their young leaders.

“They are also taking the easy way out by wanting this 93-year-old to be PM again.”

The decision to propose Mahathir as PM candidate and PKR president Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as his deputy was reportedly made by the top five leaders of the opposition grouping, namely Mahathir, Wan Azizah, Pribumi Bersatu president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin,  DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu.

Hafidz Baharom, a Malaysian blogger and Twitter user, said “In other news, Pakatan Harapan announced that Tun Mahathir will be their choice for interim PM, which leads to the changing of slogan of “Out with the old and corrupt, in with the ancient and corrupt”.

Another Twitter user Khairul Rizal Osman voiced his opinion sarcastically, saying “One 93-year-old man and one 63-year-old woman, indeed Pakatan Harapan is a party that delegates leadership to its young members.”

Some of those who commented also said they felt discouraged to vote in the elections because of the lack of fresh candidates.

“I feel so disappointed with our politics. I want candidates who are fresh, bringing new and sustainable development agenda for our education and economy, but now I feel like skipping GE14,” said Isaac Scherbatsky.

Among the few who supported the plan was pro-PH blogger Shahbudin Husin, who insisted that Mahathir and Wan Azizah would be the best  combination to save Malaysia.

The Mole’s attempts to get a clarification on the plan were unsuccessful.




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