MACC detains 7 doctors over issuance of PSV licence

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GEORGETOWN — February 15, 2017: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption  Commission (MACC) has detained seven doctors for allegedly approving medical examination for the renewal of the public service vehicle (PSV) licence without conducting any examination of the applicants.

It also detained three individuals suspected of being involved – a female clinic assistant and two men suspected to be the runners.

Six of the doctors are owners of a private clinic and another is with a government hospital, who was on duty at his father’s clinic during the operation, state MACC director Datuk Abdul Aziz Aban told the media today.

The doctors were arrested in seven clinics around Bukit Mertajam, Batu Ferringhi, Pekan Lama, Gelugor and Prai as well as two premises and a private kiosk.

According to Aziz, investigations conducted by MACC on these doctors since last December revealed that they did not carry out the examination procedures on the applicants, especially bus and taxi drivers wanting to renew their licence.

Investigations also revealed that the clinic assistant was allegedly allowed by the doctor, who is her employer, to approve medical examination forms by signing on them.

One of the runners allegedly provided six fake stamps on behalf of the two clinics and names of three non existing doctors for approving the applications of their clients.

The MACC also seized 16 books or 1,600 copies of the JPJ JPJL8 forms in which each book contained 100 forms. Of the 16 books, seven books or 700 pieces of forms were signed and stamped with the names of the doctors and
clinics that did not exist. — Bernama



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