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Amanda Lacaze

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KUANTAN, March 15 2019 : Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd is optimistic that their operating licence will be extended before the due date this September.

Its chief executive officer Amanda Lacaze said this was because Lynas had fulfilled all regulatory requirements and had played by the rule since the rare earth plant first started its operations in Gebeng here.

She added findings by the special review committee appointed by the government were also on the positive side, giving more reasons for the plant to obtain the licence renewal.

“I also believe that if you are doing the right thing and always focus on doing good, ultimately things will be okay. We in Lynas are running a business that is safe for the people and environment.

“We contribute to the employment of the people and 97 per cent of our staff are Malaysians,” she told Bernama when met at Lynas International Women’s Day Celebration here, yesterday.

Lacaze added that though they had experienced rough times during their tenure here, especially last year, Lynas had received full support from its customers and employees.

She said Lynas would continue to educate the public based on facts and scientific evidence and welcomed those keen to visit their plant to enable them to get a better picture of its operation.

“… interestingly people who have been against Lynas have yet to visit us,” she added.

On women empowerment, Lacaze said to date over 100 women are working in various departments in Lynas compared to 35 five years ago, and she hoped to see an increase in the future.

“We want to be the employer of choice for Malaysian women, especially those in Kuantan. We offer good working conditions and great benefits including paid maternity leave.

“Women working in Lynas can be rest assured that they will be able to unlock their true potential,” she added. – Bernama



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