Lower level PAS leaders cautious on cooperation with Umno


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – October 23, 2017: Some lower level PAS leaders are finding it hard to state their personal stand on the proposed cooperation with Umno that has been floated about since some years ago, adding that they prefer to leave this to the higher-ups.

To Kuala Ketil Assemblyman Md. Zuki Yusof, this is for the party’s Syura Council to determine.

“I am confident their decision will be done through careful consideration based on the current political scenario,” he commented.

The same response was echoed Assemblymen for Bukit Tuku, Abdul Rasul Mohamed, Abu Bakar Hussain (Titi Serong) and Alias Harun (Rantau Abang).

The proposal was mentioned again recently by Umno information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa, following which PAS advisory board chairman Datuk Mustafa Ali described it as the best chance for PAS to win more seats in the next general elections.

“To me, accepting it does not mean we are with Barisan Nasional… and I do not think that Annuar would invite PAS to join Umno. If he did, I personally would not agree to it and would fight it,” said Mustafa yesterday.

However, PAS member from the Bakar Bata division in Kedah, Syed Amri Syed Kadir, said the party should only pursue the proposal if Umno was willing to make it legally binding.

“Umno has a history of tricking PAS, so it’s only fair for us to bind them with a proper contract instead of opting for a mere unwritten understanding.

“The leaders should throw in a few indemnity clauses so that Umno can be held accountable if they tried to do anything funny to Pas during the elections,” said the 28-year-old syariah lawyer.

PAS was at one time with BN but was expelled from the coalition in 1977 following the infamous Kelantan Emergency, which gave the opportunity for Umno to form a state government there at that time.

The incident is consistently used by PAS as a caution against Umno’s lack of trustworthiness.

“Working with BN will only give credence to the contention that PAS has been bought over. Being seen as a stooge of BN is an image I think PAS should avoid at all costs,” said Bukit Besar member Khairul Asri.

Another member, Abdul Halim Burhanudin of Jerai, claimed that Annuar’s proposal was just an Umno’s ploy to ride on PAS’ growing popularity.”




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