Loke’s poor reply on SPAD criticised by former officer

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – July 26, 2018: A former staff of the Land Public Transportation Commission (SPAD) has taken to Twitter to question the supposed cost-cutting benefits of disbanding the commission.

The lengthy Twitter thread by Wan Agyl Wan Hassan followed what he described as Transport Minister Anthony Loke’s poor reply in Parliament on Tuesday.

“YB (Loke) did not state the exact amount of savings that come from abolishing SPAD as a statutory body which is not a good move,” wrote Wan Agyl, adding that the minister lacked experience in formulating public transport policies.

“The National Transportation Policy was formulated by the Economic Planning Unit, not the Ministry of Transport. Question is, does your (Loke’s) ministry has (?) the needed experts to formulate policies for land public transport?” wrote Wan Agyl, who was SPAD’s head of the Taxi Policy Department.

In his written reply to Selayang PKR member of parliament William Leong, Loke said he was unable to give any figures on the cost-savings because the disbanding of SPAD has yet to be finalised.

The decision to disband SPAD was made by Pakatan Harapan after it won the May 9 general elections, after which it will be replaced by the Land Public Transportation Agency (APAD).

Wan Agyl also argued against Loke’s decision to delegate SPAD’s authority on commercial vehicle licensing to the Road Transport Department.

“RTD is not qualified to handle such an authority because commercial vehicle licensing has to be done by those with in-depth knowledge on the public transportation industry, including the market’s demand and supply.

“I think you (Loke) have been wrongly briefed by those who have prejudices against SPAD,” he wrote, asking Loke to reconsider disbanding SPAD.

In the thread, Wan Agyl also tagged Loke, asking the latter to spare some time to meet and discuss the matter with him and others who used to work with SPAD for the betterment of the country’s public transport industry.

Loke however has yet to reply to the tweet.



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