Loke needs a week to confirm fate of SPAD employees

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – July 6, 2018: Transport Minister Anthony Loke has asked for a week to confirm if a substantial number of staff of the disbanded Land Public Transport Commission’s (SPAD) will be retrenched.

The uncertainty about their jobs resurfaced after they were told by senior management to not put so much hope on the prospect of automatic re-employment which they were assured of in May.

“We will answer this next week,” was Loke’s one-liner, without elaborating if he knew about the matter prior to his previous assurance that SPAD staff would be absorbed into the ministry and some other agencies.

Loke had on May 24 stated that the estimated 800 SPAD employees will be absorbed into the Road Transport Department (RTD) and the soon-to-be-formed Land Public Transportation Agency (APAD). That announcement was greeted with relief by SPAD staff as many were worried about their future following an announcement that it would be disbanded.

However, The Mole reported yesterday that at least 30 per cent of SPAD employees will not be absorbed as Loke had promised despite their willingness to take a pay cut.

This was decided after four committees that were tasked to chart the decommission of SPAD concluded it was not possible for all SPAD staff to be transferred to APAD and RTD.

APAD is expected to be established after the amendment or repeal of several laws later this month. These include the SPAD Act, Land Public Transport Act and the Road Transport Act.



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