Lecturer under fire for open letter to PM

"The current situation is making it hard for everyone. Even professionals are struggling," Ashley said.

KUALA LUMPUR – November 3, 2016: A lecturer has been slated in cyberspace after her open letter to the prime minister went viral a few days ago.

Ashley Greig, who is teaching English at Sunway College, penned the letter through her Facebook account on Monday, demanding that Datuk Seri Najib Razak put the people’s needs first amidst the price increases since recently for some products.

In the post, she highlighted grouses over the new cooking oil subsidy and increase in pump fuel prices.

“Try being in our shoes for once and perhaps you might see where we’re coming from,” she wrote.

Blogger John F. Seademon thinks that Greig’s complaints contradict her relatively affluent lifestyle, which she has made public on cyberspace.

“This lecturer complains to the PM about the rising cost of living. She must be poor and her (overseas holiday) trips are all sponsored.”

Edward Christopher D’Silva wants her to stop pointing fingers when all she does is write letters and becoming a keyboard warrior and reminds her that the petrol price is based on a month’s average price of the global crude oil price.

Ing Ho Wong agrees that the people are facing hard times of late but thinks that Greig needs to understand the difference between price increase and subsidy reduction.

Skyz Ding writes to say that everyone is partly to blame. “What are the people of Malaysia doing when we need drastic changes?”

As usual, there are those who support Greig.

Yaw Chun Hou approves of the open letter and believes that Greig has helped to represent the needy to voice out people’s grouses and dilemmas.

Sonny Tang is sure he is not the only one in this situation, claiming that his salary lasts only a week.

When contacted, Greig said to The Mole it was unfair of people to belittle her as she is voicing out on behalf of all Malaysians.

“Based on a generalisation, they would say that a professional has a stable income and does not understand the daily struggles of the poor. They fail to realise the situation we are in right now, where everything is expensive and is making it hard for everyone. Even professionals are struggling.

“So it is not fair for them to pass judgments and assume that I don’t understand the real pain. I do have a lot of friends from a variety of backgrounds and I’ve spoken to them. Their pain and struggles… it’s not something you would want to hear. But that’s the reality,” claimed this woman.



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