Kit Siang ridiculed for using Beng Hock analogy


KUALA LUMPUR – April 20, 2016: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang had been ridiculed by many in cyberspace after claiming of concerns that his son, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng may suffer the same fate as the late Teoh Beng Hock if he was to be interrogated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Guan Eng is currently being investigated by the anti-graft commission after he was revealed to have purchased a bungalow in Penang last year for RM2.8mil, lower than its market value which was believed to be between RM6mil and RM6.5mil.

Kit Siang voiced his concern over the matter on his Twitter account last month by saying, “Question many are asking – will Guan Eng get the Teoh Beng Hock treatment from MACC?”

The remark had apparently peeved many in the cyberspace as they deemed that Kit Siang was proposing the idea that Guan Eng may ends up like Teoh, who fell to his death at MACC Selangor HQ in 2009, when he was taken into custody by the commission.


A screen grab of Lim Kit Siang’s tweet, reproduced by Facebooker Lim Sian See.

Several had taken it to Facebook to express their annoyance with Kit Siang’s posting.

Lim Sian See wrote; “What exactly does Kit Siang mean by asking such a question so early in the investigations?

“I don’t think this is an appropriate or even fair comment to make.”

Yen Yen Ho chided, “He (Kit Siang) wants people to remember the dark side of MACC, hence, if the investigation pertaining to be unfavourable to Guan Eng, it wouldn’t be a just and fair one.”

Lin Feng You commented by saying, “Oh my goodness, what a stupid statement he had made.”

“I think he is trying to divert the current perception that MACC is in cahoots with DAP,” Khairil Anwar wrote.

Loopie San commented, “I believe that it indicates even the MACC has a hard time to ‘abandon’ Guan Eng’s case.

“Perhaps Kit Siang is giving the commission a warning. He is such a hypocrite leader. He is simply trying to save Guan Eng from all the punishments,” Loopie wrote.

“I think Kit Siang is saying he loves his son,” Taak Real wrote, “So MACC, when bringing in Guan Eng later, please handcuff him and chain his feet! Kit Siang has warned you of this!”

Meanwile, some others had ridiculed the DAP supremo on Twitter.

Sic D. Kaninchen chided; “I don’t see any tweet mentioning this question to be honest, Kit Siang.

“After the ‘Teoh’ card, maybe you will be playing the ‘Kevin Morais’ card? Or, perhaps, ‘Altantuya’ card,” Sic wrote.

“Do you know that Teoh fell to his death on the same day that your son was reported to the MACC in 2009? Wasn’t it funny?” H’ng Khoon Leng tweeted.

Kenneth wrote, “Questions on many people in Penang is how your son can help them to get 60% discount on a condominium unit purchase.



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