Kejara to be reintroduced in April

Using the handphone while driving is definitely an offence under Kejara.

Using the handphone while driving is definitely an offence under Kejara.

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Kejara in fact is nothing new; it was first implemented in 1984 but over the years died a natural death

BENTONG — January 26, 2017: The Automated Awareness Safety System (Awas) and the Demerit Points For Traffic Offences System (Kejara) will be implemented in April.

The systems developed by the Road Transport Department (RTD) are in the final stages involving the link to its website to enable users to get information on traffic offences.

The government believes that the systems can reduce the number of road accidents in the country.

“The sophisticated systems include closed-circuit cameras and the use of IT to identify and trace all offenders in a short time. Offenders will be warned, compounded, have their licences suspended and blacklisted for offences such as speeding and beating the red light.

“We are still studying the ideal medium to serve notices to offenders,” said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai after the launch of a road safety campaign for the East Coast Expressway.

Awas, originally due for implementation in May last year, had to be postponed due to some technical problems and legislation.

Bernama quotes Liow as saying that Awas involves 21 cameras in high risk accident areas nationwide.

A search by The Mole confirmed that Kejara was in fact first implemented in 1984 but over the years simply died a natural death for reasons that were never thoroughly explained to the people.

Incidentally there were also other systems introduced by the transport ministry that experienced hiccups, including the Automated Enforcement System that was first contracted out and then taken over by the government after the company was compensated.

The other decision involved using beacons placed on lorries that will trigger when they exceed a certain speed. Inevitably there’s also talk of using speed limiters each time there’s a horrific crash involving express buses and resulting in the loss of many human lives.



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