Journalist wants journalist to call an accident a crash…….

Is this a crash or is it an accident?

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SHAH ALAM — March 6, 2019: A freelance motoring journalist has suggested that journalists use the word crash or mishap when referring to a motor vehicle collision instead of accident.

Shahrim Tamrin, now a board members of the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros), thinks that the word crash or mishap is more precise, whereas accident gives the impression the incident is not preventable, despite the fact that most collisions are caused by human or error.

He expressed to Bernama at the Motorcycle Safety Forum 2019 here yesterday that causes of crashes like attitude on the road, distracted driving, drunk or impaired driving or riding and neglecting safety practices are preventable.

He further advised media practitioners to be more critical and analytical when reporting road crashes while also suggesting that government agencies organise training for journalists on how to report more effectively on road collisions.

Shahrim aims to contribute his experience in the media towards improving Miros’ ability to convey road safety messages.




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