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KUALA LUMPUR — March 22, 2017: The Sultan of Johor has always been strict in the awarding of datukships, warning that titles and medals from the state are not for sale.

He described Johor titles and medals as the most difficult to ge during an exclusive interview with the Media Prima group at Flintstone Palace in Mersing recently.

Candidates have to undergo a stringent vetting processes by the state government, Johor Council of the Royal Court, the royal family, as well as background checks on their lifestyles, besides police security vetting.

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar was reported to have mentioned that while the stringent processes had been applied during the reign of his late father, it would be more difficult to obtain the titles during his reign.

This year, in conjunction with his 59th birthday, the council yesterday announced that only three datukships will be awarded.

“In Johor, titles and medals are not for sale. There are no agents to obtain them,” the sultan was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

During the interview, Sultan Ibrahim also revealed that there was an agent who approached him and wanted to give him RM2 million to obtain the tan sri title, said to be from his (Sultan) quota.

“I told the agent, who I do not wish to name because it would be embarrassing, to get lost. I do not sell titles,” the sultan said.

He also mentioned that it was easy to get the federal tan sri title, with 62 recipients last year alone.

“In Malaysia, if I were to close my eyes and throw a pebble, it may hit the head of a datuk and that same pebble may bounce off the head of another datuk, and if luck has it, it may also hit a tan sri,” the sultan quipped.

Sultan Ibrahim also reiterated his call for outsiders and outstation Johoreans not to divide Bangsa Johor.

“To the outsiders who come and divide the people of Johor or Johoreans who live in Kuala Lumpur and have political ambitions and return to divide the people, I say get lost, you are not welcome here (Johor),” admonished the sultan. — Bernama




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