Jamming for Jim of Blues Gang

Jim Madasamy (second from right) with the rest of Blues Gang line-up.

Jim Madasamy (second from right) with the rest of Blues Gang line-up.

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – October 19, 2017: Friends and fans of the Blues Gang are organising a fundraising jamming session to help the band’s ailing bassist-vocalist, Jim Madasamy.

Jim, whose band was known for its iconic 1983 tune Apo Nak Di Kato, is suffering from primary progressive apahsia, a medical condition that progressively impairs one’s language and communication capabilities.

According to a spokesperson of organiser Charity Showcase, Jim was diagnosed with the illness in the middle of this year and is now in a stable condition.

“There will be no entrance fee and all proceeds will be given to Jim to help cover his medical expenses. He’s not scheduled to perform but I don’t think he will decline if the guests want him to,” said the spokesperson.

The Mole was informed that the entire line-up of the Blues Gang — Ito Mohd (vocals, harp, saxophone), Julian Mokhtar (guitar, vocals), Abdul Ghani Abu Talib (keyboard, guitar) and Shaik Karim (drums, vocals) — will perform at the event scheduled for November 19.

Several old-school bands, including Purple Haze and Sons of Adam. will also be performing at the event to be held at restaurant/bar, Timbre @ The row, here.



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