It’s best for Malaysians to move on after Najib was cleared, say analysts

KUALA LUMPUR – Jan 29, 2016: Several political analysts have told The Mole that Malaysians should move on now that the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had been absolved from any wrongdoing over the issues of donation and SRC International Sdn Bhd.

Last Tuesday, Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali had announced the decision that Najib was found to have not commit any criminal wrongdoing in relation to the probe into the two issues.

With the conclusion of the investigation, Najib had made a call for all Malaysians to “unite and move on”, after being distracted for so long.

Geo-strategist Dr Azmi Hassan of Perdana School and Geospatial Institute said that he agrees for the people to move on as the issues have been distracting, dividing, and affecting the citizens and political leaders.

The analyst added, now that the probe has been resolved, Malaysians should give the prime minister the space to perform his duty diligently for other key matters.

“I hope that we can put this (issues) aside for the sake of the country. We can agree to disagree in regards of the nation’s political fiasco, but in the future, let’s hope that our leaders would also improve their strategic communications,” he added.

Associate Professor Mohd Azizudin Mohd Sani of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) noted that it is hard for the public to move forward, but it’s crucial to do so as it helps in safeguarding foreign investors’ sentiment towards the country.

The analyst said, it is a no-shocker that the issues will continue to be “played by many” in future, but it is hoped that the people will fully accept this closure.

Quoting the latest reports that sentiment towards ringgit is improving, Azizudin said that the closure should be accepted, now that it probably will give positive impacts to the economy.

“Foreign investors are reportedly coming back… Moving on is a bit critical, but I believe positive results will prevail later,” he added.

Meanwhile, when asked about the imbroglios between Umno leaders and grassroots in regards to the issues, the analysts declined to provide suggestions for them to close the ranks.

Ever since last year, Umno members have been affected by the contentious issues. Past mid of 2015, the party members had witnessed cabinet reshuffle in July, which had resulted in the dropping of several party leaders.

Fast forward, the internal rift within Umno had deepen as there are now separate factions that go for either Najib, the party president or the deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

On the contrary, political analyst Dr Chandra Muzaffar of the Global Movement for a Just World (JUST) stressed that leaders must be honest and provide clarifications to the “injustices or wrongdoings” surfacing.

Chandra added, the citizenry appears to be unhappy with the decision announced by the Attorney-General, while the majority demands the PM to provide further explanation.

“The people are concern with the loopholes or wrongdoings that are surfacing during the investigation. They will certainly remember these (wrongdoings).

“It is not right for you to implore the people to go on and be united without addressing the wrongdoings. Instead, you must be prepared to deal with the real issues and give us the answers and proper disclosure,” he added.

He told The Mole that it is decisive for the government to restore its credibility.



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