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Is China so fearsome?

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By: Lou Han Zhou

(Translated by China Press)

The Rakyat had expected Prime Minister Najib’s visit to China would establish a convenient path for huge China investments into our country and opportunities for China investors to invest in our development projects.

Two years ago China had already announced to invest US500bil foreign investments within the next five years. Globally every country is competing over these investments and Najib is no exception.

He invited China investors to invest in Malaysia which would benefit but not endanger Malaysia.

However there were parties with unfounded reason or ulterior motive trying to sensationalize by “reminding” the Prime Minister not to pawn the country to China.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir urged Najib not to rush into huge China investments and took massive loans from China. It was to avoid the sovereignty of the country falling into the hands of China.

What a ridiculous remark!

During Mahathir’s era, US funds were flowing into Malaysia continuously and even became the largest foreign investor in Malaysia. Did the ruling power of the nation fall into the hands of the US?

During Mahathir’s era, he used to provoke the anger of US until the special position of Malaysia as a special trading partner was revoked. However he was very friendly to China and always spoke fairly for China.

He even mentioned that China never intruded into the affairs or colonized other nations. China is a trustworthy neighboring country.

It is a surprise. Now Mahathir speaks differently and condemning China. It showed that Mahathir had an ulterior motive when he tried to belittle Najib’s good effort and damaging the good China–Malaysia friendship.

Whole world is competing for China’s investment funds

An experienced journalist Kadir Jasin in his “classical theory” stated: If our developer is capable of developing a power plant in London, why can’t they develop Bandar Malaysia? (China is one of the developers of Bandar Malaysia)

If such theory carries weight, it implies that the English does not have the ability to develop it and are forced to invite Malaysians to develop London, isn`t it?

We send so many students overseas to further their studies, is it because we don’t have university?

Long before that Malaysians had already invested in China. Did it imply that China had no funds then for development and was forced to let Malaysians invest in China?

Obviously not. Ultimately it shows that Kadir Jasin’s “classical theory “is baseless.

Even though we have the ability to do it ourselves, we also need the participation of foreigners.

On the other hand the foreigners have the potential to develop all by themselves but they should also open up opportunities for us to participate too.

The whole world is fighting for China investments but why are we resisting them? – China Press (Nov 8, 2016)



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