Inaccurate info on companies involving Mahathir & children

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – December 4, 2016: Almost half of the companies listed in the online posters of  the alleged business involvement of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his family members have either been dissolved or  are inactive.

This was what The Mole discovered following a simple background check over hundreds of companies that Mahathir, Marina, Mirzan, Mokhzani and Mukhriz were allegedly involved in.

In fact, the inaccuracy of the information featured on the posters, that had gone viral since the new year, was too obvious.

For instance, any politically savvy Malaysians would have known that it is impossible for Muhkriz to continue his directorship of the Kulim Technology Park Corporation now that he is no longer the Kedah Mentri Besar.

True enough; the current chairman for the corporation is his successor, Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah who was appointed following Mukhriz’s controversial MB ouster last year.

And the information’s inaccuracy keeps on getting better – or worse; depending on one’s political inclination.

Especially so, when the poster claimed that Dr Mahathir is still affiliated with Proton Holdings Berhad despite the fact that the fiercest government critic had relinquish his chairmanship of the company March last year.

However, Dr Mahathir is still involved in Flyjet Sdn Bhd and M&M Consolidated Resources Sdn Bhd.

It was also discovered that Mokhzani no longer has any shares in Pantai Medical Centre Sdn Bhd after businessman Datuk Lim Tong Yong bought his shares in 2001.

The second son of Dr Mahathir had also resigned from SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd two years ago but is still the sole owner of Kencana Capital Sdn Bhd.

To date, Mokhzani is still involved in Maxis Berhad and is also the chairman and executive director of Opcom Holdings; his youngest brother Mukhriz is one of the major shareholders of the company.

And apparently, Mirzan, despite having some ordinary shares in Dataprep Holdings, has already resign as both chairman and director of the company in 2006.

Not only that, Mirzan is no longer the director of Mammee-Double Decker since May 1999 and his record and cassettes selling company, Konsotium Meteorologi Nusantara Sdn Bhd that was also listed in the poster has already dissolved.

No information can be found on Mirzan’s alleged Tamadun Interaktif Sdn Bhd as it has no business operations but according to Bloomberg’s databank, the company is a subsidiary of Dataprep.

However, as the poster stated, Mirzan is still the chief executive officer of Crescent Capital Sdn Bhd.

Several political observers The Mole spoke to found this “revelation” a shoddy and slipshod piece of work  if it really was designed to discredit Dr Mahathir and family.

One remarked that anyone would be able to do a quick check to get the correct list.

Yesterday, several Barisan Nasional cyber troopers  told the portal that they had nothing to  do with the “smear campaign.”



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