HungerHurts plans more Chance for Happiness concerts after success

Chance for Happiness 2019

Shaira Idris
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KUALA LUMPUR – February 25, 2019: The success of “Chance for Happiness” concert at Intun Nation, Taman Tun Dr Ismail here last Saturday has prompted its organiser to plan several more of it for this year.

Project director Nabil Nazmi said members of HungerHurts, the youth non-governmental organisation, which organised the concert, were pleasantly surprised by the encouraging turnout at the event.

“We actually hit more than our initial target of 100 attendees. The amount of funds we collected turned out to be a surprise due to the number of people who bought tickets at the door because the pre-sale tickets were sold out,” he said.

Chance for Happiness is a charity concert that integrates entertainment with educational components. Its objective was  to raise funds and create awareness on issues related to poverty and hunger.

HungerHurts focuses on educating youths on poverty eradication efforts.

Nabil said that apart from the entertaining lineup of artistes that was well-received by the audience, the concert was also considered to be successful due to the overwhelming public support even prior to the event.

Chance for Happiness had indeed been successful in achieving HungerHurts’ most important goal, which is to educate and inspire youths to join in efforts to end poverty in the country and the rest of Southeast Asia.

“The highlight of the concert was the number of people telling us that they have learned something new about the cause we are fighting for, which is to eradicate poverty and homelessness as well as raising the awareness of these issues among youngsters in Malaysia,” he added.

Nabil said after the considerable success, other members of HungerHurts were more motivated to organise the same concert once or twice more later in the year with the next one probably be in June or July.

Some of the faces who turned up at Chance for Happiness

Some of those who turned up at Chance for Happiness concert on Saturday



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