Historian Khoo Kay Kim dies

Khoo Kay Kim

Khoo Kay Kim

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KUALA LUMPUR — May 28, 2019: Historian and academician Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim died of a lung infection at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre this morning. He was 82.

His second son Rubin said his father had a coronary bypass operation last October, after which his health deteriorated.

“But despite his poor health, he persevered until the end. We are making arrangements and will announce details of the funeral later,” he said.

Khoo who was born in Kampar, Perak, left behind his wife Puan Sri Rathi and three sons — Eddin, Rubin and Mavin.

He was one of those who drafted the Rukun Negara after the racial riots in 1969. — Bernama



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