“Hero Malaya” Kuan on what it means to give

Businessman Kuan Chee Heng (middle), with the children of a deprived family he had helped.

KUALA LUMPUR – Aug 16, 2016: For security mobile applications businessman Kuan Chee Heng, being compassionate to those who are disadvantaged is more than just about easing their daily struggles.

It is about giving them love and hope.

Growing up in very impoverished conditions in Batu Pahat, Johore, the 53-year-old former policeman understands how it feels to be in such a quandary, and is determined to help as many as he could.

Kuan had earlier gained “stardom” last June, after pictures of him treating a deprived family of nine to a sumptuous meal went viral at Facebook.

He remains prominent for his acts of kindness, which include delivering basic necessities to poor residents in Puchong, helping to appeal for donations and providing assistance to single mothers to start up small businesses.

Many netizens then dubbed him the “Hero Malaya” of our time.

In his latest Facebook status, Kuan attributes his difficult times in the past as the main impetus for his compassionate deeds.

“We were a poor family living in Kampung Bukit Cermai, Batu Pahat. It’s a rubber plantation deep in the fringe of ‘Tarzan Valley’.

“My late father suffered from tuberculosis and work as a goldsmith after his business of gold jewellery in Parit Sulong had warped. My late mother was a rubber tapper.

“Food was always scarce. When we arrived back from school we were lucky if there was food in the larder. We bought vegetables from the side market where the discarded ones were sold at 10 cents per bunch.

“We were often bullied and ignored because we were poor. So today I will not let anyone to be bullied. I will walk on with the poor, hold their hands, and help to wipe away their tears and despair,” Kuan wrote.

Kuan, who is also the president and founder of Community Policing Association (CP), when contacted by The Mole added that he is simply driven by the hope to have a happier and beautiful world with everyone.

“I understand the poor and I understand their pain and their agony and despair. For me, there’s a sense of fulfillment when I help them.

Kuan said, aside of delivering basic needs to the poor, his team consisting members of the CP, has started the “Pasar 10 sen” at PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil and PPR Pangsapuri Enggang.

The markets are a platform to provide household items that people donate, like electrical appliances and furniture that would be sold back to the needy at only 10 cents each.

“We have been running the market since last February, for about two to three times a month. We don’t hope for any returns and we would donate the money we earn from the market back to the community.



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