Heineken clarifies that its non-alcoholic beer is only for non-Muslims

Heineken 0.0

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 2019 : Heineken Malaysia Bhd has clarified that its recently introduced non-alcoholic beer is strictly for non-Muslims. 

The product, Heineken® 0.0 has attracted controversy since its launch about a month ago.

In its statement yesterday, Heineken said the product is non-Halal and was introduced to cater for those who want to drink beer but control their alcohol intake.

Controversy broke out after Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mujahid Yusof chided the company for what he described as  misleading labels of the product, which could cause Muslims to mistakenly buy the drink for consumption.

“We are aware of the concerns expressed in various forums and media regarding Heineken® 0.0. We wish to again clarify that Heineken® 0.0 is non-Halal and is only targeted at non-Muslims, aged 21 and above, as mentioned during our product launch press conference and in previous news reports” said Heineken in its statement.

Heineken also mentioned that the product will only be made available at the non-Halal zone of supermarkets and convenience stores with clear signage indicating that the product is strictly for non-Muslims, aged 21 and above.

“In addition, for stores without designated non-Halal areas, we are placing clear signage to inform consumers that Heineken® 0.0 is strictly for non-Muslims, aged 21 and above,” said Heineken.

It also explained that the non-alcoholic beer and its tagline ‘Now You Can’ allows non-Muslims to consume it with more flexibility such as at lunch, during work meetings, after a session at the gym, and when one needs to drive.



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