Heat exhaustion can worsen chronic diseases

This is what the extremely hot weather has done to padi fields in Kedah and Perlis.

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KUALA LUMPUR — March 30, 2016: The public should not take heat-related illness lightly as heat exhaustion due to the current hot weather will cause heat stroke and make chronic diseases more serious.

Until now it is estimated that there have been 25 to 30 heat-related cases nation-wide.

According to Kuala Lumpur Hospital’s (KLH) emergency department and trauma head, Professor Datuk Seri Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari Abdullah, what people do not realise is that they lose fluids inside the body when they carry out more activities.

When the water is lost, the heart is challenged to beat faster and will make the body system hyperactive.

This will actually, inevitably make chronic diseases become more serious, like heart disease, diabetes and respiratory problems, Abu Hassan told reporters after the opening of the 1st National CME/CPD Clinical Case Conference 2016 today.

He thus advises the public, especially uniformed personnel like the police, military and security guards to take extra precaution of the heat, consume lots of plain water and find ways to seek shelter to avoid heat exhaustion.

Abu Hassan said heat exhaustion is a condition the symptoms of which may include heavy sweating and a rapid pulse, the result of the body overheating before it becomes heat stroke.

“The period for the heat exhaustion to become heat stroke is very short, within one to two hours, and medical experts need to quickly bring down the patient’s body temperature before it turns to be heat stroke.

“Heat stroke is dangerous as it could make the entire body system to cease functioning, flood the lungs with water and cause abdominal cramps and unconsciousness, among others.” — Bernama



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