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Haze, haze, go away – Malaysians making the most of a bright clear day

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Shaira Idris
Written by Shaira Idris

KUALA LUMPUR — September 25, 2019: They say when the birds come out a-chirping, you can be sure the weather’s fine.

The last couple of hazy weeks, Malaysians have been avoiding the outdoors. Even your neighbourhood strays have been staying sheltered somewhere. 

“I don’t hear the birds chirping outside,” lamented Yati Senu on Facebook recently when the weather was at its worst.

“The birds have not been coming for their feed,” Ain Sameed told The Mole, when contacted recently.

Ain makes a point of leaving breadcrumbs in her garden for the birds. They had never failed to come over for their feed until the bad weather came.

So today was a pleasant surprise for Malaysians.

When birds flew over homes and the parks, chirping and tweeting this morning, it certainly made many people happy.

“The first thing I heard,” said Ain who quickly went out on her balcony to see clouds dancing in the sky and the weather undoubtedly better than days before.

Without hesitation, she put on her running gear and shoes and off she went for a run.

“What a feeling,” she said, confessing that running outdoors had been off her list the last week or so.

Marathoner Puteri Nivin Zolkiffli said that she is thrilled to be running outdoors ever since the haze has eased.

Nivin is also pumped up for the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Standard Chartered Marathon, which is to take place this Sunday on Sept 29.

“I started running outside again. I hope this condition stays until this weekend for the marathon,” Nivin said when The Mole contacted her today.

So far there has been no official change in the status for the run. Many are hopeful that the event will go on as scheduled.

Raja Amilia Raja Azman, an active outdoorswoman, said she is now happy that she can finally tend her garden and go out on her daily morning walks again.

“I feel a big sigh of relief after so many days of being cooped up in the house and now I am able to do my gardening,” said Amilia.

Malaysia’s overall air quality certainly has demonstrated significant improvement since 6pm yesterday.

While the Air Pollutant Index (API) reading for the rest of the country has remained in the moderate range — the haze still hasn’t cleared in Johan Setia, Klang. As of 6pm today, this region recorded an “unhealthy” API of 140.

The API reading of between 0 and 50 is categorised as good, 51 up to 100 (moderate), 101 up to 200 (unhealthy), 201 up to 300 (very unhealthy) while 300 and above is categorised as dangerous.



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