Hannah Yeoh under fire again over remarks on Sarawak

KUALA LUMPUR – May 4, 2016: DAP’s Subang Jaya assemblywoman Hannah Yeoh has been heavily criticised in cyberspace after stating that ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’ sentiment is unhealthy for nation-building as it would further divide Malaysians.

Yeoh, who is also the Selangor state assembly speaker, reportedly said that the sentiment was prevailing because Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem continues to “build walls around the state in the name of protecting it.”

She also accused Barisan Nasional of “playing the race and religion cards” to divide the people in the peninsular, while Adenan’s use of regionalism would only add “another layer of separation”.

Yeoh’s statement drew angry response from those who disagreed as they took it to Facebook to hit out at her.

This was the second time that Yeoh had been heavily criticised in Facebook over a similar matter as the same had occurred after she protested against the Sarawak government’s decision to bar her from entering the state on April 22.

Norman Green wrote, “You (Yeoh) said that the sentiment (Sarawak for Sarawakians) is unhealthy to the country. Well, please answer this Hannah; is it ‘healthy’ to spread lies and slanders?

“You should have just mind your own business, and look after your own constituency,” Norman added.

Syed Ezam Wan Ali chided, “This type of people should be banned for life. She continues to harp on the immigration control issue. Her statements actually validated the justification of banning her into Sarawak.”

Sarawakian Gerard Lim Hannah commented, “Hannah, please don’t be so low by bringing up this argument. We are all fine here.

“Your previous statement is totally uncalled for. Please don’t poison our mind and create hatred. Such mindset is not welcomed here,” Gerard added.

“Hannah is a good politician for Subang Jaya,” another Sarawakian, Narawi Hussin wrote.

“However, in Sarawak, we already have a great number of good and qualified politicians. They don’t seem to have any interest to meddle in the lives of people in the peninsular,” Narawi added.

Fazuan Izuan wrote, “It should be noted that she (Yeoh) is the one who has been spreading ruthless sentiments all this while.

“She had initially perpetuated hatred by playing on the religion card once she was barred from entering the state. Now, she is trying to make Sarawakians hate the ruling government.

“This goes back to the kind of ideology that the DAP has been trying to impose to us,” Fazuan wrote.

Anonymous Facebooker Lim Sian See commented, “I would have thought that DAP’s frequent attempts to incite hate and play race-religion issues as far more divisive to the country.”

Manickam Nadeson hit out and wrote, “DAP, don’t rob the rights of Sarawakians, and stop issuing statements which make no sense.”

Thomas Cook wrote, “I thought it was the opposition who strongly supported the ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’ campaign earlier?

“Now that it’s not in their favour, they are against it?” Thomas added.

“Well, I thought they (oppositions) like the said policy. Aren’t they the ones who brought up the sentiment in the last state election?,” Loopie San wrote.

The netizen added, “Who are the ones who started to open the ‘Pandora box’ just to gain the Sarawakians’ votes? Who started the anti-Malaya issue? It looks like Hannah didn’t like the taste of her own medicine.”

Additionally, blogger Jailani Harun in a posting wrote that Sarawak is not a place for some parties’ “whim and fancy doings.”

“Adenan, on a few occasions had reiterated that the state is different from the peninsular. The unity among the locals is successfully preserved as there is no external interference to Sarawak’s diverse socio-political environment.

“The chief minister had also reminded that hate politics is not at all welcomed to the state, and that the peninsular-based party is unfit for Sarawak,” he wrote.



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