Guan Eng lied, again?

In Lim ‘The Empty Can’ Guan Eng, we had already exposed the fact that the debt of Penang was lessened not due to his remarkable leadership but because Federal Givernment had taken over the RM600 million debt from Penang and graciously change its status into a 45 year grant.


That is how it became RM30 million. Down 95%.


It is not rocket science. Instead of thanking the Federal Government, this so called accountant turned chief minister had the audacity to chastise them further.


He even got it wrong on Bernas a few days ago! How many times do you want to lie Guan Eng?


As for all the mumbo jumbo dished out by that MIER fellow, his arguments has been pre-empted, dissected and crushed by HishamH in his FAQ on National Debt.


More in Jebat Must Die.




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