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PEKAN — December 17, 2016: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today announced that the Goods and Service Tax (GST) exemption on prepaid phone card reloads will be maintained for next year.

This is ease the burden of the people as many mobile phone users, especially youths, depend on these prepaid cards.

Najib announced this at a press conference after a visit to the Pekan GiatMara Centre in Bandar Peramu.

Under the GST improvement measures at the end of last year, the government excluded the GST charges on prepaid added value phone cards for the whole of this year.

On another issue, Najib denied that his busy schedule today had to do with the 14th general election.

“No, no… I return to Pekan today to discharge my duty as Member of Parliament, to review the effectiveness of government policies and programmes and whether they reach the target groups.

“I can see today the programmes implemented by the government really can change the living conditions of the people in Pekan and also throughout the country such as projects to build houses to address urban poverty, for
instance,” said Najib, who has been Pekan MP since 1976.

He had a hectic schedule, attending nine programmes from as early as 10am and the last one at 7.30 pm.

On the crisis in Aleppo, Najib said Syria needs a political solution, which if unabated would leave a bad impact on the people.

“We are really sad about the events in Aleppo, very heart wretching not only for Muslims but also non-Muslims. It is a terrible humanitarian crisis,” he remarked.

On his visit to the centre, Najib hopes relevant institutions can provide culinary courses, for which he is willing to provide additional equipment and supplies. — Bernama




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