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Zaidi Azmi
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PUTRAJAYA — February 22, 2019: The government has expanded southern Johor’s economic development region, Iskandar Malaysia, by more than 100 per cent, in a bid to bolster the country’s economy.

The expansion of Iskandar’s area of jurisdiction was agreed to by Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad after a meeting with Members of Authority of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA).

In a statement today, Mahathir acknowledged Iskandar Malaysia’s spectacular track record in wooing domestic and foreign investments, hence the increase in its area from 2,217 square kilometre (km2) to 4,749.

“As the agency driving the development of Iskandar Malaysia, I remain optimistic on the roles and responsibilities of IRDA in supporting the development of Johor and the nation’s agendas,” he said.

Following the expansion, three new districts have been added into the region, namely Kota Tinggi, Kluang and Pontian. The original districts were Johor Baru, Kulai and parts of Pontian. 

According to IRDA chief executive Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, the MoA believes that the expansion will enable Iskandar Malaysia to offer more affordable land for development, modern agriculture technology and new job opportunities.

Iskandar Malaysia recorded committed investments of RM32.23 billion in 2018, where RM22.03 billion represented investments that had been realised. This contributed to the total cumulative committed investment of RM285.34 billion from 2006 to end of last year.

To date, local investors have contributed RM194.81 billion (62 per cent) of the total cumulative committed investments.

The top five countries with the highest cumulative committed investments in Iskandar from 2006 to last December were China, Singapore, United States, Japan and Spain.



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